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Organifi Complete Proteins Honest Review- Click Here To Read

By Lucy Kurkman | Organifi protein

Most Honest Organifi Complete Protein Reviews You Will Find

Organifi proteins, just like Organifi Green juice that we reviewed before was created by Drew Canole. He has a strong commitment to manufacturing clean, effective green supplements to help transform people to having a better optimal health. He is passionate about helping people using the benefits of juicing vegetables and other techniques for Improving their lives. He is a health expert who runs the popular blog Fit Life TV. This show is very effective as he is able to educate, inspire, advice and empower about health.

Organifi complete protein is a product of Organifi companies, a reputable brand known for the organic products. As the name suggest, complete protein is a 2 in 1 multivitamin protein which can act as a meal replacement as well as a balancing protein powder. This product contains 4 superfoods,3 different vegan protein sources, vitamins from real whole foods and Medium-Chain Triglycerides fats.

Organifi products are very effective. There are a lot of products on the market that promises you results but before settling for the best that suits your needs, ensure it is one of the best brands on the market. The best part of this product is that, it is produced by a popular brand, Organifi, a company known to produce only the best quality, reliable and highly effective organic supplements.

Staying healthy, maintaining a healthy body and keeping nutrient based diseases at bay may be challenging to some people. Most people have a daily schedule which does not allow them eat right or even exercise. There are many reports about some nutrient deficiencies like protein. This is because, we do not find time for a diet rich in all nutrients to solve this problem. Fortunately, Organifi protein is there for you. You are able to get all the vitamins, minerals and proteins you require in just one drink.

Furthermore, just as the supplements are vital to our wellbeing, so does exercise which is very essential to our health. According to Drew Canole, not only does exercise keep us fit but it also comes with a lot of health benefits like the following;

1. Strengthen our bones and Muscles-Bones, joints and muscles play a very important role for our body support. Research has it that moderate aerobic movements or bone and muscle strengthening exercises can slow bone density mass, prevent hip fracture chances in elderly years as well as helping build and protect muscles.

2. Improves your mental health and Mood-Exercises helps keep your brain busy. They also help you focus, concentrate, sharpen your judgement skills, increasing your happy hormones, keeping you less stressed.

3. Reduces your risk to cardiovascular diseases and Cancer-Exercise of any intensity is very essential. It helps keep cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart disease at bay. It can also lower your blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Additionally, it can help lower the chances of colon, breast and lung cancer.

4. Control your Weight-It helps burn calories, burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Study shows that exercise helps one loose and maintain weight.

5. Increases your chances of living Longer-Exercises increase our health by adding us a little longer time to live. This is because exercise enables us prevent serious chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and heart disease which are the leading causes of death in the world.

Since exercise is essential, so does protein. Protein is important in our daily diet. However, in our busy world, we hardly get the required amount of protein which is effective for proper body functioning. A recent study shows that a lot of people have nutrient deficiencies in protein which may be challenging as it causes problems. They include;

poor muscle Growth-Proteins are the important building blocks required by our muscle fibers and tissues. When protein is not enough, it may be difficult for one to add muscle mass.

Slow mental Cognition-Poor protein levels may cause low cognitive functioning as well as affect concentration, alertness and focus.

Weight Gain-Protein has the ability to suppress your hunger and decrease the levels of the I feel hungry hormone called Ghrelin. Lack of it can even decrease the chances of losing weight. This is because, it stimulates the appetite hormone making you eat more making you gain weight.

Slow Metabolism-Enough protein in the diet increases body metabolism. You may feel extra energized and actively participate in an activity. Lack of protein leaves you tired, sluggish and dull due to low metabolism.

Organifi complete protein is an organic drink made up of only natural ingredients making it fit for consumption. The company Organifi, ensures to treat its clients using products which are carefully selected to achieve the best results. They use only natural ingredients like monk fruit, cinnamon, coconut water, beet, moringa, pea protein and many more. Putting all these ingredients together helps in producing the best product on the market.

Features of Organifi complete protein

Appearance-The overall texture and appearance is vital. It has a smooth texture making it dissolve easily in a liquid. It has been found to have aesthetic value.

Good taste-Organifi protein has been crafted keeping taste in mind. That is why it has an amazing taste of vanilla and chocolate.

High in Protein-It provides the users with the high dose to increase the energy levels as well as boosting the metabolism. It also has high doses of protein which are effective for a complete diet.

Benefits of Organifi complete protein

1. Helps in weight Loss-It helps you avoid cravings thus good for a weight loss program. You can take it in the morning as the first meal of the day. Protein can help suppress hunger and decrease the hunger hormone ghrelin. When you are trying to manage your health, it is more effective as you will still lose some weight over the weeks. However, it depends on your current BMI. When you are gaining weight due to your dietary choices, you need to cut it out and use this product which will help you lose weight.

2. It gives you the benefit of a well-balanced Diet-It has a total balance of proteins as well as enzymes and vitamins. You do not have to buy vegetables, fruits and eat a diet rich in protein to reach the required nutrient level in the body. It covers your nutritional needs in one drink.

3. Meal replacement- This product is just the best. It is mostly recommended to be taken as breakfast. It leaves you feeling fitter as well as giving you the benefit of a proper nutrition. It helps you build your muscles and workout. It is also good when you have a busy schedule which can make you miss a meal. Moreover, it is a complete meal.

1. Helps in overall body growth and Muscles-Taking this product ensures you get a better healthy life with a better digestion control which helps build stronger muscle. It also develops muscular tissues and a glowing skin.

2. Improved Digestion- This product contains Unique essential enzymes which are scientifically proven to soothe your stomach and prevent bloating. They also cleanse our system, our guts and intestinal tract of any harmful toxins and improve our overall digestive health. These enzymes also help aid absorption of vitamins and minerals.

3. Enhanced immune systems-Since this product is full of essential vitamins and minerals, it helps boost the immune system making it stronger and effective. These vitamins work a very important role in the proper functioning of the immune system.

4. Saves a lot of time-As this product comes with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and proteins, it comes in a complete package. You are able to prepare this drink using one scoop of the powder into a liquid and you enjoy all this benefits at once. You don’t have to shop for food rich in all these nutrients.

5. Digestive enzyme Support-You will enjoy the benefits of the digestive enzymes which help ion absorption of the vitamins and minerals. They also boost your overall digestion health.

How to select the best Organifi Complete Protein?

When you are thinking of purchasing the best protein product, you have to think carefully and consider the following aspects:

1. Consider the type of person you are-For Example Are you a vegan? Are you a sports person? Are you male or female? Are you elderly or teenager? Considering this fact, you are able to select the best product. This is because, every person requires a different amount of protein, some need it from food sources and some may need supplementation.

2. Consider the Price-You should buy the product which promises you only the best. Cheap products are not necessarily the best. Spend on a product which promises quality and effectiveness. For instance, when you want to lose weight, you should make the necessary changes to your diet as well as look for a quality product such as Organifi complete protein which accelerates the fat burning process.

3. Ensure you purchase the multidimensional Protein-Buy a product which contains both the fast and slow digesting proteins. Just like Organifi complete protein helps to control blood pressure so does dimensional proteins which help in the absorption of nutrients from the food

4. Look into the product brands on the Market-Ensure to consider ingredients in the product, your needs, taste and the credibility of the company whose brand is on the market. Additionally, ensure you decide on a product which has no additives, fillers, no gluten, dairy or artificial sweeteners. Choose a product which is made up of only natural ingredients which are safe and do not cause side effects, just like Organifi complete protein.

5. Consider the types of protein Powders-As there are various types of protein on the market, you have to choose carefully according to the intolerances you may face. But first you have to go to the doctor to check if you are allergic to any of them. On the market the available protein includes, whey, soy, pea, casein, Hemp and rice protein. All have various benefits but try out to see which works best for you, the one that meets your need for the protein is the best.

When looking for the best products on the market, Organifi companies got you covered as they meet all these considerations. Being among the best brand on the market, it deserves the position and popularity as it tries to deliver and suit their customers’ needs. Look no further but here.

Ingredients of Organifi Complete Protein and its benefits

All these ingredients work together to create a unique product which is effective and convenient. All the natural ingredients have a lot of benefits which make them highly recommended. Clinical study suggests that some of these ingredients are healthy and they meet the required standards for quality. They include the following:


Cinnamon is a rich ingredient that has been used all over the world for a longer period due to its numerous health benefits. It has also been used to sweeten dishes. Its benefits include the following:

1. Lowers your blood Cholesterol-Cinnamon raises HDL, the good cholesterol. Also, it can help correct the effects of high-fat meals by slowing down the increase in blood sugar.

2. Hs antibacterial, antifungal; and antiviral Properties-Cinnamon is important as it kills fungal and bacteria in food to avoid spoilage. According to Denise Baron, the director of Ayurveda for modern Living explains that cinnamon can help with all sorts of lung congestion problems. For example, it helps clear mucus and encourage circulation. It aids simple coughs and bronchitis. Recent research claims that cinnamon can help fight HIV virus from entering the cells.

3. Manages Inflammation-Regular consumption of cinnamon is vital as it helps reduce both systemic and specific inflammation. Systematic inflammation is the cause of chronic diseases but regular consumption of cinnamon may help drop it significantly. Specific inflammation is easily reduced by cinnamon. It causes headaches, pain and arthritis pain. Cinnamon helps improve circulation to the joints which reduces pain.

4. Manage PCOS-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is major challenge with numerous symptoms that need to be managed. Firstly, cinnamon manages insulin resistance in women with PCOS. It also helps correct heavy menstrual bleeding associated with common conditions of female health such as menorrhagia and uterine fibroids.

Real Ceylon cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels and reducing heart disease risks. Some people can mistake cinnamon for sweets. Due to its blood stabilizing effects, Ceylon cinnamon has the ability to block hunger cravings leaving you feeling fuller.


This incredible ingredient, a superfood is worldly used due to its various nutritional benefits. It is an exotic fruit mostly consumed by the health conscious people. For centuries, coconut has been claimed the potent cure for kidney stones, toothache, nausea, rash, bronchitis and asthma. It is used to sweeten dishes. Some of the benefits include the following:

1. Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides, fatty acids which have medicinal Properties-It contains saturated fats which study shows they are harmless. They are used directly into energy or turned into ketones which have the therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy.

2. They are loaded with natural sterile electrolytes which feed your PH and muscle functions.

3. Coconut oil can help you lose Fat-Obesity is a major concern to our recent generation. Fortunately, coconut oil has come to your aid as it contains the Medium-Chain Triglycerides(MCTs) which help accelerate calorie burning.

4. It can be used to kill harmful Microorganisms-It contains lauric acid. When lauric acid is digested it forms a substance called monolaurin. Monolaurin is a compound found in breastmilk which strengthens the baby. Both these substances kill harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Research has it that it can be used to kill the harmful pathogen and the yeast Candida Albicans which is common in humans. Research has been done to prove the ability of lauric acid to enhance immunity.

5. Coconut oil has fiber which helps suppress hunger leaving you feeling Full-This helps you eat less. This is because of ketone which has the power to suppress appetite.

Monk Fruit

This is an exotic fruit. It has over the years gained popularity for its sweet flavor. It was named after the Chinese and Japanese Monks who loved eating the fruit for its various health benefits. It is used to sweeten foods and beverages. Nutritionists recommend this fruit as they have no calories, and have no effect on blood sugar. They also have antioxidants which make them the best immune booster. Moreover, it contains a powerful cancer antioxidant called mogrosides which the body metabolizes differently from natural sugars, making it suitable for people with diabetics. Apart from that, in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to treat coughs and sore throats. It is believed to be a longevity aid and help with male virility.

Advantages of monk fruit

1. Unlike other sweeteners, there is no evidence supporting that monk fruit has side effects

2. With zero calories, it is best for people watching their weight

3. They are safe for all, children, pregnant women and breast-feeding women

Vanilla Beans

They are best and most expensive spices known for their flavor in ice cream and bakeries. They can also offer a wide variety of health benefits. Vanilla beans contain antioxidants vanillic acid and vanillin which also have anti-inflammatory properties which help in controlling blood pressure. Moreover, they contain potassium, calcium and magnesium which is essential for our wellbeing as well as help in boosting memory, balancing our mood and increasing energy levels.

Hemp protein

Hemp seeds are really unique as they contain a complete protein. Most plants do not have that which makes it best for base ingredient. It also contains fiber which is essential for digestion. It also contains the 8 essential amino acids which are sufficient to meet your needs. Lean Hemp protein is mostly effective for vegans and vegetarians. It digests slowly but easily thus you are able to enjoy the benefits throughout the day. Additionally, they contain large amounts of phosphorous, vitamin D, E, B vitamins, sodium, magnesium, calcium, Sulphur zinc and iron. It prevents sugar cravings, improves natural resistance, increases hemoglobin and energy levels, lower cholesterol, help lose weight, improves circulation and control blood pressure. Moreover, it naturally cleanses your colon, prevents constipation and clears toxins from your body.

While Hemp is a product of cannabis sativa, the powder is made from its seeds. It is safe and does not make you high. It is moderated thus healthy.

Advantages of Hemp powder

1. It is non gluten, no additives, lactose free and pesticide free thus safe

2. It is easily digestible thus works faster

3. It is effective and convenient.

Quinoa protein

This plant has been around for ages in the mountainous regions of south America due to its nutrition and health benefits. It is considered one of the superfoods due to its numerous nutrients which are lacking in our modern diets. The United Nations declared 2013 as the year of Quinoa as a high nutritious food. This is because, it was believed to eradicate hunger and malnutrition worldwide. It is also high in vitamin B12, protein, fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, iron and manganese. It is also known for its ability to repair cells, enhancing skin and reducing inflammation. It also contains a plant compound quercetin which is gluten free making it suitable for people with gluten intolerance. More so, it is known to contain flavonoids, which are essential anti-inflammatory compounds. It also contains all nine amino acids, fiber and lysine which are important for digestion and other benefits. It has oleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid and omega 3 fats which are known to decrease the risk of heart attacks and inflammation. The flavoids antioxidants which prevent against cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Due to its high insoluble fiber and protein content it helps increase the feeling of fullness after a meal.

Pea protein

These proteins are mostly suitable for people who work out or are actively involved in exercises. Peas are known for the amino acids which help repair cells. They are also high in lysine, which are used for stronger, firmer skin.

Benefits of pea protein

1. Aids in weight Loss-It lowers the levels of hunger hormone ghrelin thus making you feel fuller for longer.

2. Supports proper functioning of the heart-In 2009, a research in Canada found that pea protein can lower high blood pressure. It was also found to decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.

3. Regulates blood sugar-When added to other foods can cause glycemic control.

4. Increases muscle Thickness-L-arginine in pea protein is a conditional amino acid that helps build muscle.

Vitamins from 100%Real, Whole Foods-They are harvested natural, organic vitamins from real, whole foods. These ingredient contains real vegetables and superfoods, treated and selected carefully, dried accordingly and mixed with your favorite protein shake. These vitamins and minerals are important in the following ways:

Vitamin A-They are essential for the proper functioning of the eye and the skin

B vitamins-they help in the proper functioning of the heart, nerves and the brain

Vitamin C- is an oxidant which suppresses the effects of viruses. It helps clear colds and asthma

Vitamin D-helps in the development and strengthening of bones and muscles

Vitamin E-It is good for the hair, skin and nails.

5 in 1 digestive enzymes-These enzymes are very essential in food breakdown and absorption. When you consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, you may require more enzymes which should help you break down fats, proteins and carbs so as to get the enough nutrients from your food. They also help in increasing the nutritional value of each meal. These enzymes are very important and they include:

1. Alpha/Beta Amylase-These enzymes are essential for digestion and processing of starch foods

2. Lipase-They help our body burn fat into energy which is required for proper functioning

3. Cellulose-These enzymes are very effective as they allow faster and more efficient breakdown of plants and vegetables. They also come with detox properties which are useful for your intestinal tract.

4. Lactase-It makes the digestion of lactose and other dairy products easier. Regular intake of this enzymes helps prevent acidity and bloating.

5. Protease-These enzymes are very essential for your overall body health. They help breakdown proteins and also help in clearing off bacteria from our digestive tract.

Advantages of complete protein

1. It is effective and convenient

2. It has undergone thorough testing to ensure quality

3. It is gluten free, no additives, soy free and GMO free thus safe

4. It is time saving as you do not need a lot of time to prepare it.

Disadvantages of complete protein

1. It is quite expensive thus not affordable to all

2. It can only be purchased online, on the selected websites like amazon. You cannot find it in the common pharmacy stores.

Why is complete protein unique?

1. All the ingredients are natural. They are derived from organically grown plants

2. All the sweeteners are from plants compared to other products who add artificial flavors and sweeteners

3. It contains all the complete nutrients that is required for a balanced diet.

Where to buy Organifi complete protein

When you need to buy this product, order it on the and amazon websites. You order the product which comes in plastic containers of 1 to 6. When you order the 6 container pack you save a lot. They use the safest money transactions to pay for the product for example PayPal and MasterCard. International deliveries are made but with an extra fee depending on which country you are in and the custom tax required.

Only the verified and trusted product reviewer of Organifi complete protein enjoy the benefits of sharing the product discounts, offers and coupons on their website.

Like other products Organifi Complete protein comes with a 30 day try out. When you try the product and does not like it for that particular reason, you can return the empty bottles to Organifi and you get your money back as you paid in. This, money back policy is a better choice to give you time to decide if it suits you or not.

More so, when you refer a friend to the product and he/she purchases the product, you are able to get a 15%discount on your purchase. The company also provides a customer service phone number on the sales page which is efficiently helpful. Such an amazing and convenient fact to encourage you.

Why choose this product?

It is the best product on the market. It is better than other brands which resolve to artificial additives, fillers, gluten, soy, dairy, artificial flavors, chemical ingredients to make their products which may cause side effects and intolerances.

It is more Healthy-It contains all the amino acids and nutrients which you require for an overall wellbeing. In just one drink you are able to get a complete meal, a balanced diet.


Organifi complete protein is all organic and is effective for all, no matter your diet. Whether vegan, a paleo dieter or a meat eater, it is efficient for you. It has no added additives or fillers thus safe for human use.

Organifi companies are concerned about the health of the people. Transforming and educating them on the importance of a good diet. Their products talk for them as they are result oriented and healthy. They use only the natural ingredients of the highest quality thus fear not for they are a trusted brand.